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The night before school and all through the house....

Everyone in my house is going about their normal business and I am preparing for the first day of school.  Don't be alarmed!  I've actually been preparing for this day all summer, now I'm running over everything in my head.  Things I hope I don't forget, things that I want to add, and things that I'm hoping will help my day be easier.

This year I am incorporating new apps in my room.  First up for classroom management is Class Dojo:

You can click on the Dojo icon to take you to their webpage, but in a nutshell it is a way for you to document student behavior that the students can view daily as well as the parents.  Students are rewarded with points for good behavior and negative behavior takes away points.  Students who reach a particular amount of points each nine weeks will have the chance to earn homework passes.

Next up is Doceri:

Doceri is an app for my iPad that will allow me to link to my classroom computer, therefore linking me to my Smart Board.  Last yea…