Sunday, August 5, 2012

THEME Change!

All of my previous posts have chronicled my thoughts and things that I have learned while I was getting my Master's degree.  Well, that milestone has passed, I am officially educated, and now it is time to chronicle something entirely different. 

A Perspective From The Eyes of a First Year Teacher

Yep, I have a teaching position for the 2012-2013 school year.  As a matter of fact, I had several offers.  Many I declined to teach at one special school where my heart was, and then I had to turn that one down as well for personal reasons.  I found my home though at a beautiful private school where the challenge will be to overcome my fear of speaking about God in the classroom, because this year it isn't against the law!  What a blessing for me!

Teaching wise, there are many challenges though:

1) I have crossed the state line, so Texas TEKS are no longer the standard, Louisiana uses Common Core Standards.

2) From what I've digested, these students may be a bit behind.

3) I will be teaching 3 different grades that have different class levels!  6th grade general, 6th grade advanced, 7th grade general, 7th grade advanced, and 8th grade general.  (Yep... 5 Lesson Plans a Day!)

4) This is a TECHNOLOGY school!!  That is exciting, but a challenge too because the parents and administration want that technology in those lesson plans, so iPads, Apps, Apple TV's, Smart Boards, and more are going to be integrated into every single lesson.

I plan to chronicle not only in classroom lessons that I learn along the way, but also the dynamic of religion in the classroom, so the blog may be varied in content.

Now it is time to get off of here and work on my lesson plans!