Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finals Again

It is once again time for finals and this month has been the hardest so far.  I began the month behind in my psychology course due to work scheduling conflicts.  I stayed behind for the rest of the month and I find myself working on a holiday weekend in desperation to create a final piece that is worthy of what I want to accomplish in the amount of time I have. 

While taking my psychology course our professor had us do a very small piece concerning creativity in the classroom.  This really was a blip on the radar compared to the extensive talks we've had on Piaget, Kegan, and Kohlberg, but it really was the piece that grabbed my attention.  I remember a video that is posted on this very blog that talks just a bit about how the current school system sucks out creativity from the teachers on down to the students.  And I really found myself actively reading topics that discussed creativity and the classroom and why it is important to have.  What better topic to do on a final paper than one you are interested in?  So that is what I'm working on right now.

I do of course have two classes and I'm working on a paper for that class as well.  My goal however is to finish all my requirements for my psychology course and that way I can focus on my final paper for my Early Literacy course.  I wanted to go through my observations for this month though so I could give an idea of what it's been like:

For most of the students in this program, summer time is wonderful.  They don't work because they are teachers.  However, for me it is the busiest time of the year for the construction industry.  For instance this beautiful holiday weekend, I find myself faced with six papers to write and work from home that I have to complete prior to returning to work as well.  I have traveled more in the last two weeks for my job than I have in the last six months.  That has meant less time at my desk, less time at my books, and less time with my kids.  I almost hit a point where I was like... is this what God really wants me to be doing?  Each time I tell a client what I'm doing outside of work their first reaction is.. "oh, so you are leaving this industry".  I wonder why I can't be a pioneer and use my education degree IN this industry?  I know there is a training department that handles classes for our company.  I've set through one of their trainings and have been bored to tears!  They could use a little bit of Dr. Price's technology and pizazz.  Training which I now have.  I have sat through Dr. New's educational psychology course and really know what these well meaning company presentations are missing.  I also find myself analyzing what stage of cognitive and moral development most of the salespeople are in.  I find myself a bit scared!

In the last two months two major things have happened.  I find that I really love my job.  I find that I may not have the inclination to teach right off the bat when I'm done with this program.  I find myself recalling a conversation from one of my professors about how an education degree isn't just for the teacher, but can be used in many facets of work such as museums and other organizations.  It gives me something to ponder on while I struggle the balance between work, family, and school.

Wish me luck on my finals!  I really have a great idea for my papers.